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July 2016

3rd International School on Aperiodic Crystals

Aperiodic crystals are long range ordered structures which lack translational invariance. They are found in a large variety of systems (minerals, organic compounds, single element under pressure, oxides, ferroelectrics, intermetallic compounds) and encompass incommensurately modulated structures, incommensurate composites and quasicrystals.

The structure determination of aperiodic crystals and the influence of the aperiodic order on their physical properties have made tremendous progress in recent years. However the high dimensional description and superspace approach used to describe the atomic structure of aperiodic crystal remains difficult to grasp for the nonspecialist.

In this school the basics of the analysis of aperiodic crystals will be explained for a nonspecialist target audience, i.e. Phd students or experienced scientists working in the field of crystallography, chemistry, material science or solid state physic and willing to have a basic understanding of aperiodic crystals.