Collections of reports

The largest number of these collected reports are written in Danish (also the note collections). However, a lot of the university lab reports from my later years are in English (ever since the neutron scattering course), so these should be usable for others.

Physics lab reports from the gymnasium

I've dedicated a sub-page for physics reports. For each report, there is a small description of the purpose of the exercise, the number of pages, and the given grade.

Chemistry lab reports from the gymnasium

Another sub-page, this time with reports from the chemistry classes I took in the gymnasium. These also have individual explanations, page numbers and grades.

University lab reports

A list of the different lab reports I've made (usually as part of a group) during the courses I've followed at the university. There were no grades given for these reports.

Note collections

I've written a lot of note sets for the courses I've participated in. So far, one of them have been published (the one for Math intro), while the rest will probably never be.

Larger projects


Master's thesis
Structural investigation of La(2-x)Sr(x)CuO(4+y)

My master's thesis about the superstructure known as staging from the isostructural material LaNiCuO(4+y), investigated by the use of both X-ray and neutron scattering.

I've made a small sub-page for this project, and it can be found here.


Bachelor thesis
Investigation of neutron moderators with spherical voids

My bachelor thesis, written in group with one more person, about moderation of neutrons, and the flux dependence of the moderator geometry.

I've made a small sub-page for this project, and it can be found here.


First year project (written in Danish)
Lifetime of K-shell excited copper

My first year project, written in group with two others, about a measurement of the lifetime for the excited state of copper with the K alpha 1 and K alpha 2 transitions.


SSO assigment (written in Danish)
Characteristics of a magnetic optic trap (laser cooling)

My SSO assignment (a large written project done in the last of the gymnasium years), from December 2006, on the theory behind a magnetic optical trap, and on an experiment done over two days at the H.C. ěrsted Institute in coorporation and under the guidance of master students Louise Kindt and Anders Brusch. If you like treatment of data that doesn't make sense, this is an assigment for you!

Other small documents


Help to remote access and your own web page (written in Danish)

It sounded like a lot of people had problems with making their home pages - especially when they wanted to do it from home. Hence, I did this small three-page guide.


Overview of useful Linux commands (written in Danish)

Well, the title says it all - this is a small document containing different important commands which, at least I, tend to forget all the time.. Or well, at least some of them.